Experience Modules

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Financials Module

- Nominal, Receivables, Payables, and Bank

- Document Management and Diary

- Projects and Timesheets

- Workflows

- Time & Attendance (Employee Clocking Solution)

- Business Intelligence Reporting Functions

- Client Online Portal

- SMS Integration

- API Integration

Inventory/Stock Module

- All modules listed in the Financials Module

- Inventory/Stock Management

- Multiple Stock Locations and Pricing

- Bin Locations

- Purchase Order Processing

- Sales Orders

- Inventory Counting

Insurance Level 1

- All modules listed in the Financials Module

- Insurance Broking Management

- Insurance TII Management

- Cover Note Management

- Insurance Renewals Tracking

- Insurance Automation using Emails & SMS & Documents

- Claims Management

- SLA Tracking

Insurance Level 2

- All modules listed in the Financials Module

- All modules listed in Insurance Level 1

- Insurance Underwriting module

- Insurance Binders module

- Insurance Categories, Policy Sections and Calculations

- Insurance Documentation (Schedules & Certificates)

- API links to Transport Malta and other entities